Monday, January 3, 2011


I've been feeling kind of frumpy lately.  It's no fun, but I'm getting sick of this feeling.  Time to shake it off.  Like Mariah! ;)  With a closet de-clutter and a wardrobe revamp in the works, I should be feeling brand new quite soon.  Some great additions to my closet include a beautiful golden polyster deep v-neck blouse, a black glittered heart-shaped purse (that will be great for going out) and a pair of vintage inspired two-toned bell-bottom jeans that will be mine in just a few weeks!

Other than that, my life's a bore.  With more hours coming in at work, I should be sitting pretty good.  I'm hoping to move out soon.  Although I love the generosity of my parents, it's time for me to spread my wings.  I long for independence so badly.  I know I'm capable, but I feel so worthless and unproductive without doing it.  It would be ideal to have a roommate, but at this point, I may just say fuck it.  Socially, it might turn me into a freaky little hermit, and all I might do is study, love on the boyfriend, work and hang with select friends whom I am able to tolerate.

I don't mean to not be a people-person.  I don't mean to be awkward and unsociable.  I just am.  I've tried so hard to be good at small talk.  It's not my thing.  Generally, I don't speak unless spoken to in most situations.  I don't let people touch me.  I'm not warm and friendly.  I used to be, but I was very naive and vulnerable.  I don't like being taken advantage of, so I just said no more bullshit for this girl.

I worry about my honey a lot.  I just want him to find his happiness and progress in the direction he desires.  He's so talented and wonderful.  He is so capable and bright!  I JUST LOVE THE MAN.

Kate Moss walking Chloe... peeing my pants over this one.

Ya, lick a butt.  I know lenseless glasses aren't cool anymore.  They were useless with lenses, so I thought I'd get rid of them.  Boyfriend loves them.  Looks damn good in them too.

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