Monday, January 17, 2011



OH MY HOT DAMN! This is such an outrageous collection! I've been knocked on my ass once again by show stopper & ever so sexy Nicolas Ghesquiere. Futurism is an element often seen on the runway appearing every season, but it usually isn't my taste unless you leave it up to Ghesquiere. Maybe a little more wearable than a spring/summer or fall/winter collection, I appreciate that he seamlessly collaborates a sci fi-like approach with classic, tailored cuts that have proven themselves to be reliable and beautiful. Note the shoes - a throwback to simple elegance that surpasses times and trends. Known for the equestrian inspired Balenciaga Fall 2006 Ready-to-Wear collection that first signed me up as a #1 fan of the fashion house and accomplished designer, details and shapes seem to have graced his imagination while creating. And once again, trusty Ghesquiere does what he came to do!

Oh, and where can I find wallpaper this back drop?

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