Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I have never been huge on color for myself.  Most everything I wear has a base of black, but I do enjoy wearing white, grey and nude although that occurs less often.  It's rare I will see something that is pastel pink or blue that strikes my fancy (apparently unless it's Balenciaga and Versace).  It's probably due to the fact that as a larger lady, these cotton candy colors don't look quite right on me.  The great thing about styling outfits on Polyvore is that all the stress of rolls and bulges are eliminated because I don 't actually have to wear it!  I can dream of wearing it!  Like I'd ever go out in that super short Balenciaga mini skirt and an even shorter cropped Calvin Klein shirt.  You're all crazy!!  But if I did, I'd probably take it to Venice Beach in California.  This is the perfect outfit for such a place unless Coney Island was still boppin'.

I feel like things are turning around for the better for me.  Despite my mistake on the 2010 FAFSA complicating my ability to enroll in classes for the spring semester, I will now be waiting until fall to begin.  Unfortunate because I could be graduating this spring had I just stuck to my guns, but not discouraging  -want to do what is right for me!  I have no one to catch up to.  I will work at my own pace.

Tomorrow involves usual Thursday rituats - sleeping in and staying up late, going to ladies night where for $5, I have access to free drinks from 9PM-12AM.  Excellent even if it's wells and domestics.  Like I care.  Been over that fancy schmancy alcohol since I had to buy a car, pay insurance and credit card bills.  Mix well, and no problems (to a degree).  I'm thinking of buying some gold jewelry and gold nailpolish to wear since I saw it on Peony Lim's blog recently.

I've been dreaming of vacations lately.  Since a  trip to Texas was canceled last fall, I have an airline voucher waiting to be used.  I could go see my fashionista boyfriend, Sebastian, in LA, but it's hard knowing that via Allegiant, I can get tickets for under $100 anyway.  So I'm thinking New York City where my dear friend, Laura, will soon be moving is my destination.  I'll even be able to visit an old friend, Steph, from my elementary days.   Both attend Parsons if I am not mistaken. Besides, it's been years, and my heart still yearns to be back.  I remember bawling in my bed throughout high school just wishing I wasn't stuck in stupid Fargo.  I wish I still had that fire in me, so a visit will do.  For now.

Might be a bit of an early night for me, but girlfriend is tired.  Night.

And my own self.

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