Friday, May 13, 2011


I don't generally find myself longing for a graphic tee.  They've never really been my style.  I find their sayings and pictures to be cliche and corny.  When I think about trying one on, I often feel like I'm 16 years old again amidst a melodramatic teen identity crisis.  Maybe because during my tween years, each issue of Delia's and Alloy had full spreads of 50 different screen printed t-shirts.  I probably didn't mind them at the time, but I always had preferred blouses and cardigans.  Even to this day, I'd choose a dress to a pair of pants and a t-shirt.  I'd feel too simple.  Sometimes, I feel better when I'm overtly feminine.  Just blast your socks of girly.  I recall only a few graphic tees that I wore proudly.  Most of them I own to this day, and intend never to dispose of because they're such a rarity in my collection. 

The first tee was purchased by my grandmother from Built by Wendy.  It depicted Scout and Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird sitting on the front porch swing speaking for the first time.  I absolutely loved it because I had recently read the novel in school.  Paired with black indigo denim skinny jeans and a black cardigan, this was one graphic tee I didn't mind wearing.

Another, which I no longer own, I purchased when I was seventeen.  It was a Persian green with hot pink print of a cobra snake neck with Mark Hunter, The Cobra Snake's head atop.  In the Los Angeles area, the Cobra Snake was a party photographer snapping shots of my heroine chic icons of the day - Cory Kennedy and her ever-changing crew of luscious young ladies mixing designer items from Chanel and Ralph Lauren with 1980s-90s thrift store finds all the while redefining the word 'party'.

Another shirt, one of my very first Urban Outfitter's purchases at 16, constructed of a light cotton blend has ruffled sleeves and screen prints of owls on leafy green branches.  Incredibly comfortable, I wore that shirt so proudly in so many ways.  It furthered my love for owls, and, although the shirt no longer fits, I still the bird.

Well, add this Simeon Farrar Kate Mouse t-shirt to my list because this is a beauty!  I love it to pieces, and want it now, now, now!  And, better yet, despite its $80 price tag, you can take comfort in knowing that over %50 of the proceeds will go toward rebuilding Japan after the earthquake through the Red Cross.  You can find it online at  While your at it, pick up one for me. ;)