Friday, April 15, 2011


Sometimes, if I listen to Jewel, I wonder if this woman knows what she is talking about.  I'm assuming she is going somewhere with everything because she's a very creative woman.  However, do you remember when that MTV VJ called her out in incorrectly using the word 'casualty'?  I always thought that was a little humorous.

I just made a playlist on GrooveShark of old favorites.  So funny.  I've got everything from "I Wanna Die" by Jolie Holland to "Ready for Love" by Indie Arie to "Good Day" by the Dresden Dolls to "To Be Free" by Emiliana Torrini to "Falling from Grace" by the Gentle Waves.  I'm kind of giggling at the analyzation of my former self.  Couldn't do the Dresden Dolls anymore, but I'm still on track with much of the others.

As for the set, I was initially inspired by the emerald Gucci pants and python purse.  They're so rich and lovely.  And very clearly, to me, the bronze sequin tank topped the trousers off perfectly.  I love reflective articles of clothing and accessories.  They add texture, warmth, glamour and a serious sense of twinkle.  Naturally, that's why I chose to use jewelry in regal gold.  I've definitely matured to a point in my life where I have fully embraced gold, and left silver alone in the dust.  Gold lends itself so well to any ensemble and leaves a magnificent glow.  As for the shoes, nothing completes an outfit like a pair of Louboutins, so that was a given to me.  Leopard print just felt most complimentary to the emerald green elements.  And doesn't it all feel very dramatic?  I love it, and wish I owned it for myself!  Perhaps I can come up with something!

Who wouldn't love an icon of Hollywood glamour on their ass?

Lara Stone is a current model crush of mine.

I wish Mr. Valentino Ludovico Clemente Garavani had never retired.  I miss his mastermind.

I will forever love Sasha Pivovarova.