Saturday, January 22, 2011


Lanvin dress & shoes, Dion Lee Jacket, Mulberry bag, Chanel sunglasses, CULTSTATUS ring, Aurelie Bidermann cuff & Kenneth Jay earrings
 Winter is miserable in North Dakota.  It's hard to put together a great ensemble without freezing your ass off.  To keep myself cheery and bright, I've been warming up with a liking for fun color pairings instead of the usual black, nude, white thing I do.  I often think of the colors of Miami and India - saturated oranges, pinks, blues, yellows, greens, etc.  It just pumps a little life into a wardrobe during the dreary season, and keeps me going until the snow melts.  And, shit, we have a lot this year.

In other news, I'm on lock-down until the end of the month.  I have to buck up, and not spend any money because I'm drowning in bills trying to play catch up from a month of unemployment.  It is all hitting me now.  My car insurance went up because I swiped this woman's bumper when it was really icy out, and I'm really annoyed about that.  My student loans need to be paid for, and fucking stupid keeps charging me.  I don't even use their worthless postal services - I don't send mail!  I thought I had canceled my account there a long time ago, but apparently not.  I could punch a bitch!

It will be a relief to be back on track, and then the NYC summer trip saving will begin!  And what a needed vacation that will be to see my lovely friend, Laura, and hopefully, an old friend, Stephanie from the elementary school days.  I hope I'm a hot ass bitch by then!

Eniko Mihalik @ Nina Ricci

Love Miu Miu's playful prints
Wonderful Balenciaga heels - Ghesquiere doesn't leave the slightest detail untouched :)

This cat hears what I'm saying!

Monday, January 17, 2011



OH MY HOT DAMN! This is such an outrageous collection! I've been knocked on my ass once again by show stopper & ever so sexy Nicolas Ghesquiere. Futurism is an element often seen on the runway appearing every season, but it usually isn't my taste unless you leave it up to Ghesquiere. Maybe a little more wearable than a spring/summer or fall/winter collection, I appreciate that he seamlessly collaborates a sci fi-like approach with classic, tailored cuts that have proven themselves to be reliable and beautiful. Note the shoes - a throwback to simple elegance that surpasses times and trends. Known for the equestrian inspired Balenciaga Fall 2006 Ready-to-Wear collection that first signed me up as a #1 fan of the fashion house and accomplished designer, details and shapes seem to have graced his imagination while creating. And once again, trusty Ghesquiere does what he came to do!

Oh, and where can I find wallpaper this back drop?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I have never been huge on color for myself.  Most everything I wear has a base of black, but I do enjoy wearing white, grey and nude although that occurs less often.  It's rare I will see something that is pastel pink or blue that strikes my fancy (apparently unless it's Balenciaga and Versace).  It's probably due to the fact that as a larger lady, these cotton candy colors don't look quite right on me.  The great thing about styling outfits on Polyvore is that all the stress of rolls and bulges are eliminated because I don 't actually have to wear it!  I can dream of wearing it!  Like I'd ever go out in that super short Balenciaga mini skirt and an even shorter cropped Calvin Klein shirt.  You're all crazy!!  But if I did, I'd probably take it to Venice Beach in California.  This is the perfect outfit for such a place unless Coney Island was still boppin'.

I feel like things are turning around for the better for me.  Despite my mistake on the 2010 FAFSA complicating my ability to enroll in classes for the spring semester, I will now be waiting until fall to begin.  Unfortunate because I could be graduating this spring had I just stuck to my guns, but not discouraging  -want to do what is right for me!  I have no one to catch up to.  I will work at my own pace.

Tomorrow involves usual Thursday rituats - sleeping in and staying up late, going to ladies night where for $5, I have access to free drinks from 9PM-12AM.  Excellent even if it's wells and domestics.  Like I care.  Been over that fancy schmancy alcohol since I had to buy a car, pay insurance and credit card bills.  Mix well, and no problems (to a degree).  I'm thinking of buying some gold jewelry and gold nailpolish to wear since I saw it on Peony Lim's blog recently.

I've been dreaming of vacations lately.  Since a  trip to Texas was canceled last fall, I have an airline voucher waiting to be used.  I could go see my fashionista boyfriend, Sebastian, in LA, but it's hard knowing that via Allegiant, I can get tickets for under $100 anyway.  So I'm thinking New York City where my dear friend, Laura, will soon be moving is my destination.  I'll even be able to visit an old friend, Steph, from my elementary days.   Both attend Parsons if I am not mistaken. Besides, it's been years, and my heart still yearns to be back.  I remember bawling in my bed throughout high school just wishing I wasn't stuck in stupid Fargo.  I wish I still had that fire in me, so a visit will do.  For now.

Might be a bit of an early night for me, but girlfriend is tired.  Night.

And my own self.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Billie leather & linen shoulder bag, $1560 @

Monday, January 10, 2011


Balenciaga - 5.5" heels :) @ YOOX

I should be the proud owner of these.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'm looking for a pair of Armadillos I can actually afford.  They don't have to be designed by Alexander McQueen because obviously, the idea of affordability will then go out the window.  Thought I saw an advertisement for a pair at  There are so many shoes at that online store that it might take awhile for me to find, but I'm up for the challenge... after work.

I wish my boyfriend would let me in the damn bathroom so I could grab a tissue and blow my nose.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I've been feeling kind of frumpy lately.  It's no fun, but I'm getting sick of this feeling.  Time to shake it off.  Like Mariah! ;)  With a closet de-clutter and a wardrobe revamp in the works, I should be feeling brand new quite soon.  Some great additions to my closet include a beautiful golden polyster deep v-neck blouse, a black glittered heart-shaped purse (that will be great for going out) and a pair of vintage inspired two-toned bell-bottom jeans that will be mine in just a few weeks!

Other than that, my life's a bore.  With more hours coming in at work, I should be sitting pretty good.  I'm hoping to move out soon.  Although I love the generosity of my parents, it's time for me to spread my wings.  I long for independence so badly.  I know I'm capable, but I feel so worthless and unproductive without doing it.  It would be ideal to have a roommate, but at this point, I may just say fuck it.  Socially, it might turn me into a freaky little hermit, and all I might do is study, love on the boyfriend, work and hang with select friends whom I am able to tolerate.

I don't mean to not be a people-person.  I don't mean to be awkward and unsociable.  I just am.  I've tried so hard to be good at small talk.  It's not my thing.  Generally, I don't speak unless spoken to in most situations.  I don't let people touch me.  I'm not warm and friendly.  I used to be, but I was very naive and vulnerable.  I don't like being taken advantage of, so I just said no more bullshit for this girl.

I worry about my honey a lot.  I just want him to find his happiness and progress in the direction he desires.  He's so talented and wonderful.  He is so capable and bright!  I JUST LOVE THE MAN.

Kate Moss walking Chloe... peeing my pants over this one.

Ya, lick a butt.  I know lenseless glasses aren't cool anymore.  They were useless with lenses, so I thought I'd get rid of them.  Boyfriend loves them.  Looks damn good in them too.