Thursday, February 3, 2011


The set I created reminds me of my cat, Birdy.  Maybe it's the Alexander McQueen bird skull necklace.  I feel if she were personified, she'd be wearing this.  That's fucking weird, I realize.  While making it, I had no idea where I was going.  I just loved the army green dress and purple purse paired together.  Does it give off the vibe of a wanderin' woman?  That's how I feel.  Some kind of prowlesse who is an excellent hunter and warrior like Atalanta, the demi-goddess, as well as Artemis and Athena, the goddesses.

My cat, Birdy, was rescued on a golf course by my aunt, Rene, who then brought her to my cat saving, sheltering, fostering, socializing, nurturing aunt, Melody, both of whom are my mother's sisters.  Melody, the eldest, works for a non-profit no-kill animal shelter, PAAWS.  Shortly after my cat, Gary had complications on the operating table, she gifted me Birdy, and although it was hard, I fell in love with her quickly.

She is a dainty little lady; likely, the runt of the litter.  We think her mother threw her out of the pack, and she was forced to survive on her own in nature.  She snarfs down all of her food as if it is her last meal.  Sometimes, she eats so quickly that she barfs it up soon after.  We joke she is bulimic, and that's what keeps her figure, but in reality, she is a survivor.  She spooks easily, and doesn't like to be approached or picked up.  She is inquisitive at a distance as well as agile and stealthy.  All my other domesticated pets do not carry these traits.  Birdy is clearly a badass kitty girl.  I love her.  I wish she'd come around more often because I can't get her to chill with me.  She really likes my brother, Jacob, and my dad, Herb.

The pets and my dad are another story.  The flock to him.

Todd Rundgren (bahaha) & Bebe

Oh, Jane Aldridge, I love ya!  Believe it!