Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chloé Resort 2012

What a lovely and delicately feminine girl she is!  Since Phoebe Philo was creating incredibly beautiful and intricately detailed baby doll dresses for Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear, I have had my watchful eye on each collection since I first became interested.  With each season, a fantastic ad campaign is compiled shining true to it's Chloé style.  The images always maintain that pretty charm I find quite irrisistable.

With a few changes in creative directors, I found myself back deeply in love with Chloé's allure when Hannah MacGibbon presented her absolutely lovely ladylike Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear collection with scalloping and frill galore.  The range of colors are so brilliant with its combination of lemon, olive, emerald, cerulean, navy, white, nude, camel, bronze, tea rose, cherry blossom, persimmon, red and black.  The long list may sound ridiculous, but I guarantee  you it's not!  MacGibbon's creations are absolutely brilliant and gorgeous!  Although, you were already aware of that as you had awed at the images above of Chloé's Resort 2011 collection by MacGibbon - truly stunning.

Dewi Driegen in Chloé F/W 2004 campaign

Julia Stegner & Anja Rubik in Chloé S/S 2005
Anja Rubik, Freja Beha Erichsen & Shalom Harlow in Chloe F/W2007 campaign
Anja Rubik, Freja Beha Erichsen & Raquel Zimmermann in Chloe Spring 2007
Raquelle Zimmemann in Chloé Spring 2010
Raquelle Zimmermann Chloé Fall 2010
Iselin Steiro & Malgosia Bela in Chloé Spring 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011


I don't generally find myself longing for a graphic tee.  They've never really been my style.  I find their sayings and pictures to be cliche and corny.  When I think about trying one on, I often feel like I'm 16 years old again amidst a melodramatic teen identity crisis.  Maybe because during my tween years, each issue of Delia's and Alloy had full spreads of 50 different screen printed t-shirts.  I probably didn't mind them at the time, but I always had preferred blouses and cardigans.  Even to this day, I'd choose a dress to a pair of pants and a t-shirt.  I'd feel too simple.  Sometimes, I feel better when I'm overtly feminine.  Just blast your socks of girly.  I recall only a few graphic tees that I wore proudly.  Most of them I own to this day, and intend never to dispose of because they're such a rarity in my collection. 

The first tee was purchased by my grandmother from Built by Wendy.  It depicted Scout and Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird sitting on the front porch swing speaking for the first time.  I absolutely loved it because I had recently read the novel in school.  Paired with black indigo denim skinny jeans and a black cardigan, this was one graphic tee I didn't mind wearing.

Another, which I no longer own, I purchased when I was seventeen.  It was a Persian green with hot pink print of a cobra snake neck with Mark Hunter, The Cobra Snake's head atop.  In the Los Angeles area, the Cobra Snake was a party photographer snapping shots of my heroine chic icons of the day - Cory Kennedy and her ever-changing crew of luscious young ladies mixing designer items from Chanel and Ralph Lauren with 1980s-90s thrift store finds all the while redefining the word 'party'.

Another shirt, one of my very first Urban Outfitter's purchases at 16, constructed of a light cotton blend has ruffled sleeves and screen prints of owls on leafy green branches.  Incredibly comfortable, I wore that shirt so proudly in so many ways.  It furthered my love for owls, and, although the shirt no longer fits, I still the bird.

Well, add this Simeon Farrar Kate Mouse t-shirt to my list because this is a beauty!  I love it to pieces, and want it now, now, now!  And, better yet, despite its $80 price tag, you can take comfort in knowing that over %50 of the proceeds will go toward rebuilding Japan after the earthquake through the Red Cross.  You can find it online at  While your at it, pick up one for me. ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Sometimes, if I listen to Jewel, I wonder if this woman knows what she is talking about.  I'm assuming she is going somewhere with everything because she's a very creative woman.  However, do you remember when that MTV VJ called her out in incorrectly using the word 'casualty'?  I always thought that was a little humorous.

I just made a playlist on GrooveShark of old favorites.  So funny.  I've got everything from "I Wanna Die" by Jolie Holland to "Ready for Love" by Indie Arie to "Good Day" by the Dresden Dolls to "To Be Free" by Emiliana Torrini to "Falling from Grace" by the Gentle Waves.  I'm kind of giggling at the analyzation of my former self.  Couldn't do the Dresden Dolls anymore, but I'm still on track with much of the others.

As for the set, I was initially inspired by the emerald Gucci pants and python purse.  They're so rich and lovely.  And very clearly, to me, the bronze sequin tank topped the trousers off perfectly.  I love reflective articles of clothing and accessories.  They add texture, warmth, glamour and a serious sense of twinkle.  Naturally, that's why I chose to use jewelry in regal gold.  I've definitely matured to a point in my life where I have fully embraced gold, and left silver alone in the dust.  Gold lends itself so well to any ensemble and leaves a magnificent glow.  As for the shoes, nothing completes an outfit like a pair of Louboutins, so that was a given to me.  Leopard print just felt most complimentary to the emerald green elements.  And doesn't it all feel very dramatic?  I love it, and wish I owned it for myself!  Perhaps I can come up with something!

Who wouldn't love an icon of Hollywood glamour on their ass?

Lara Stone is a current model crush of mine.

I wish Mr. Valentino Ludovico Clemente Garavani had never retired.  I miss his mastermind.

I will forever love Sasha Pivovarova.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


The set I created reminds me of my cat, Birdy.  Maybe it's the Alexander McQueen bird skull necklace.  I feel if she were personified, she'd be wearing this.  That's fucking weird, I realize.  While making it, I had no idea where I was going.  I just loved the army green dress and purple purse paired together.  Does it give off the vibe of a wanderin' woman?  That's how I feel.  Some kind of prowlesse who is an excellent hunter and warrior like Atalanta, the demi-goddess, as well as Artemis and Athena, the goddesses.

My cat, Birdy, was rescued on a golf course by my aunt, Rene, who then brought her to my cat saving, sheltering, fostering, socializing, nurturing aunt, Melody, both of whom are my mother's sisters.  Melody, the eldest, works for a non-profit no-kill animal shelter, PAAWS.  Shortly after my cat, Gary had complications on the operating table, she gifted me Birdy, and although it was hard, I fell in love with her quickly.

She is a dainty little lady; likely, the runt of the litter.  We think her mother threw her out of the pack, and she was forced to survive on her own in nature.  She snarfs down all of her food as if it is her last meal.  Sometimes, she eats so quickly that she barfs it up soon after.  We joke she is bulimic, and that's what keeps her figure, but in reality, she is a survivor.  She spooks easily, and doesn't like to be approached or picked up.  She is inquisitive at a distance as well as agile and stealthy.  All my other domesticated pets do not carry these traits.  Birdy is clearly a badass kitty girl.  I love her.  I wish she'd come around more often because I can't get her to chill with me.  She really likes my brother, Jacob, and my dad, Herb.

The pets and my dad are another story.  The flock to him.

Todd Rundgren (bahaha) & Bebe

Oh, Jane Aldridge, I love ya!  Believe it!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Lanvin dress & shoes, Dion Lee Jacket, Mulberry bag, Chanel sunglasses, CULTSTATUS ring, Aurelie Bidermann cuff & Kenneth Jay earrings
 Winter is miserable in North Dakota.  It's hard to put together a great ensemble without freezing your ass off.  To keep myself cheery and bright, I've been warming up with a liking for fun color pairings instead of the usual black, nude, white thing I do.  I often think of the colors of Miami and India - saturated oranges, pinks, blues, yellows, greens, etc.  It just pumps a little life into a wardrobe during the dreary season, and keeps me going until the snow melts.  And, shit, we have a lot this year.

In other news, I'm on lock-down until the end of the month.  I have to buck up, and not spend any money because I'm drowning in bills trying to play catch up from a month of unemployment.  It is all hitting me now.  My car insurance went up because I swiped this woman's bumper when it was really icy out, and I'm really annoyed about that.  My student loans need to be paid for, and fucking stupid keeps charging me.  I don't even use their worthless postal services - I don't send mail!  I thought I had canceled my account there a long time ago, but apparently not.  I could punch a bitch!

It will be a relief to be back on track, and then the NYC summer trip saving will begin!  And what a needed vacation that will be to see my lovely friend, Laura, and hopefully, an old friend, Stephanie from the elementary school days.  I hope I'm a hot ass bitch by then!

Eniko Mihalik @ Nina Ricci

Love Miu Miu's playful prints
Wonderful Balenciaga heels - Ghesquiere doesn't leave the slightest detail untouched :)

This cat hears what I'm saying!