Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It's a bit difficult to be a fashion blogger and be a. broke and b. overweight. The fashion industry has never seemed big enough for the big girl, and art & commerce can't seem to find an agreeable way to mix.  I don't think either of those things should stop me, however.  They are just bumps in the road, but I can flatten them out by working against them, or, better yet, with them.

It looks silly to dress in clothes that are too small, and unflattering for my awkward Michelin Man-like body type.  Step one in this quest to looking and feeling comfortable in my own clothes means it's time for a 'buy the right size' re-vamp.  What's worse than being a sardine in your ensemble?  Not a damn thing.  Aside from being totally awful, it's fucking uncomfortable; constantly readjusting & requiring a mirror to make sure all the lumps and bumps are smooth.

After quitting my job, falling behind on a few bills, and having to repay my parents for their help, I feel overwhelmed this holiday season without being scheduled enough hours at the new job.  I am not concerned, though, because it has humbled me a bit.  I don't need to go out to dinner more times than not each week.  I don't need to go out every weekend.  I don't need new clothes all the time.  In fact, I find myself buying useless things I never seem to wear when I hoard things.  It has been good for me to stretch my penny, shop at second-hand stores, get creative with what I've got, and make some of my own creations.  And if my Christmas list is fulfilled, I'll have plenty of unordinary basics that will go well with most anything.  So here's to being resourceful & remaining a lady at all costs!

Lily Cole
Marilyn Monroe, of course.
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Elizabeth Taylor

Jane Birkin... cool sofa

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